Confused about Airport Travel Rules?    TSA 3-1-1 Policy & Carry-On.
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CLICK HERE FOR DISCOUNT: HOTELS, FLIGHTS & CAR HIRE WORLDWIDE  PAYPAL Approved = World SellerThe Worldwide TSA 3-1-1 Policy was created in response to the thwarted liquid (explosive) bomb plot. (London Aug. 2006.)

So since Nov. 6th 2006 all flights to and from the USA, Europe and many other destinations are now subject to the following rules:

 3-1-1 Airport Rules Applies to ALL Carry-On liquids.

  •  3-1-1   Means...   3  = 3oz Bottles    1  = 1 quart size bag    1  = 1 bag per traveler
  • No liquids are permitted in Carry-On luggage unless they are in  3  ounce / 100ml bottles or smaller.
  • All liquids, shampoos, aerosols, gels etc... must be in 3oz / 100ml bottles or smaller.
  • All liquids must be in a Zip-Type Clear Plastic Bag. Other bags are not allowed.
  • Only  1  quart-sized bag allowed. US 1 quart liquid = 0.946 Liter = 1.66 pints UK
  • Only  1  bag per traveller.
  • Each Person is to remove their own plastic zip-top bag from their carry-on and place it into a security bin for x-ray.
  • ALL larger containers (even drinks) will be confiscated !
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Each Magic Travel Bottles KIT includes 6 Bottles plus Zip Seal Bag.

 Heres what you will get...

  • 4 x Bottles - 3.38 oz  = 100mls
  • 1 x Bottle   - 1.69 oz  =   50mls
  • 1 x Bottle   - 0.67 oz  =   20mls
  • 1 x Largest allowed 1 Quart  = 1 Litre Security Regulation Size Plastic Bag with QUALITY  Zip Top SEAL.
  • 7 x Bottle Caps (random colours) includes 1 Spare.  All bottles are spot colour coded to match corresponding coloured lids.
  • 7 x Cuttable Easy insertable Droppers  Plus... 3 Extra OPEN Self Sealing Droppers.
  • 1 x Easy to write on for liquid identification.
  • Also includes 15 waterproof labels: Shampoo, Hand Soap, Facial Cleanser, Drinking Water, Conditioner, Aspirin, Sun Tan Lotion, Mouth wash, Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Toothpaste, plus 3 blanks.
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